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Successful pro sound Bosch Communications with Prosonic General Trd LLC   03/Feb/2014
"Successful pro sound distributors’ meeting of Bosch Communications Systems in Amsterdam"
One of the Biggest meeting in Amsterdam on February 3 Participating 150 partners from more than 50 different countries at EMEA distributors. At this meeting Another highlight of the distributor meeting was the presentation of coupons the “Distributor of the Year” awards. In the course of a gala dinner in the events facilities of St. Olof’s, prizes in various categories were presented to ten different companies. Prosonic General Trading LLC (United Arab Emirates) received the “Distributor of the Year“ awards, respectively, for Europe, and the Middle East and Africa.We are really proud to be one of best seller distributor for Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. Our first hand information our pre-launch and sales activities to provide to our clients with best comunication frienship.