→ Live Sound

Live sound is the process of electrically blending together multiple sound sources at a live event using a mixing console. Sounds used include those from instruments, voices, and pre-recorded material. Individual sources may be equalised and routed to effect processors to ultimately be amplified and reproduced via loudspeakers.The live sound engineer balances the various audio sources in away that best suits the needs of the event.

Straubing, July 2012 Last year, all Germany was gripped with football fever. In addition to record TV ratings, the fans who gathered in vast numbers in front of giant screens all over the country to watch live relays of its performances underlined the popularity of the German national team. In arenas, including the stadiums in Kiev and Lviv where the matches were being contested, as well as at football parties all over Germany.

→ Mosque /Church/House of Worship

Today’s houses of worship look to enhance education and communication for the congregations and the communities they serve by integrating high-performance, automated multimedia systems. Simplifies and enhances system control such as multi-source projection systems and multi-window displays. To provide congregations with full, natural music and clear, intelligible speech, many places of Mosque and Church now choose Dynacord & Electro Voice sound systems. These systems help deliver precise, natural sound coverage while blending easily into your interior design. Every Mosque and Church have a common goal: to be heard to the heavens, loudly and clearly. From microphones to loudspeakers and everything in between, products from Dynacord & Electro Voice can provide a "total system solution" for every Mosque and Church applications. Dynacord & Electro-Voice enhances the worship experience and exceeds the high expectations of the modern congregation with the very best in high-performance audio.

→ Night Club/ Lounge Bar/ Disco

In addition to our plans for the ProLight+Sound, which include both the musical highlights and the new products we are presenting. This edition of newsflash takes up another theme. A Club is only as good as its sound system. When it comes to delivering the audio experience that holds a club's reputation in the balance, it pays to look at the components inside a speaker box before getting out the check book... For the power behind the party, Dynacord amplifiers not only provide world-renowned remote-control reliability and performance, they sound fantastic. Dynacord systems can be heard making an impact in the world's biggest clubs and most exclusive ultra lounges, providing audio from all angles-- be it massive low end response, clear distributed sound or high frequency intelligibility, night after night. To handle both the high SPL and sonic nuance that keep the crowds coming, world-class clubs look--and listen--no further than Dynacord.

→ Commercial Bulding

From schools and restaurants to shopping malls and the workplace, clear, intelligible sound for paging, background music and emergency notification is becoming an increasingly important part of everyday life, and in places where it previously was given little or no consideration at all.
Distributed sound systems are now being viewed as a priority, not an afterthought. At Dynacord we've recognized the expanded role of today's sound contractor, as well as the extra responsibilities associated with that new role. Specifying and installing a system is complex enough deciding on the right products should be the easy part.
While music and dining seem ideally matched, many of the audio systems in restaurants deliver uneven sound coverage. The result is music that may be inaudible at one table and uncomfortably loud at another.
Because a Dynacord sound system is engineered as a complete solution for your restaurant, sound coverage is even, operation is simple and the system is unobtrusive.
Besides being a world-class restaurant, the establishment boasts a club called the Simba Saloon in which music is performed live, and our brands have outstanding reputation not only for the cultivation of local talent but as a stage for top international acts from genres as diverse as rock, soul, jazz and reggae.

→ Stadium & Sports Venue

It’s not simply about who wins or loses. Or about how the game is played. It’s about providing an entertaining experience. From sight lines to concession lines, virtually every aspect of your facility influences the experience of your patrons. This is especially true of sound. we can custom engineer a sound system for your facility—and let you hear it, even before it’s installed.
Now there’s no need to review columns of specifications or wonder how your system will sound after it’s installed. With our demonstration technologies, you can actually listen first. And what you hear is what you get. Satisfaction guaranteed.
You will hear an accurate demonstration of the quality of sound Dynacord & Electro Voice brings to your business environment.
Dynacord & Electro-Voice as the only manufacturer to surpass stringent European standards for pro sound / emergency paging systems for the world's two largest sporting events, EV has set the state-of-the-art standard for Stadium Sound.
The new era of "sportainment" places unprecedented demands on sound systems in sports venues of all sizes, from gymnasiums to stadiums and arenas. Retaining good voice intelligibility in the presence of high ambient noise remains a crucial consideration, but today’s systems must also offer higher power and wider bandwidth to accommodate the music, video soundtracks and even live bands that are being integrated into sporting events and halftime activities.

→ Concert Halls & Theater

Also Concerts, Theater, Virtually every type of performance depends on sound to create a satisfying experience for the audience. Yet simply installing speakers and electronics doesn't always guarantee the best performance. Dynacord has brought innovative products and technologically advanced designs to the entertainment community. Premium products for those that specialize in international concert tours or corporate sound. Dynacord has appropriate solutions, large and small, to meet your requirements.

→Multi Porpose Halls & Cinemas.

Dynacord & Electro-Voice loudspeakers, choices according to calculations made on the basis of 3DA acoustic modeling in Cinema. Theatre and Cultural Centres etc.., it is intended that the speaker or music is clear and heard in a good quality.

→ Portable PA/ Mobile Audio & DJ Systems

The Mobile Audio division is responsible for the development and production of mixer , power amplifiers, loudspeakers, signal processors , mixing consoles and powered mixers.
For mobile audio use, DYNACORD provides a comprehensive range of ultra compact solutions to high performance concert sound systems. From line arrays down to satellite systems, DYNACORD loudspeaker sets including power amplifiers and controllers for a wide variety of applications feature optimized functionality.
And also Electro Voice enjoys a great working relationship with the DJ and event entertainment community.
Though Electro Voice developed the site, it's not just focused on EV products. EV is a one-stop destination for connecting with other DJs and event entertainers and sharing professional and technical know-how and success stories.
Portable PA systems. Most seem designed for schools and businesses to use mainly for spoken presentations in classrooms or meeting rooms. They usually are too limited for professional music performance

→ Educational assistive Listining System

Projectors one of the biggest ideas for life short throw, portable, installation and large-venue. When presenting in conference hall or seminar room, the data can be shared with large number of participants in real-time. There are many futures for example – Data from multiple PCs can also be shown together on a single display, and data from one PC can be transmitted to up to eight display.
Also make your meetings run smoother with wireless presentation. The wireless presentation feature eliminates the need to switch cables, or seating position, when presenters change. And information can be shown simultaneousle onto multiple displays in large seminar rooms to enhance visibility.

→ Conference Rooms & Conference Centre

Conference Rooms & Conference Centre, our products are used for improved communication. Our technology is suitable for conventions and conferences of every type and size.Beyerdynamic conference system have become indispensable at functions and conferences held in hotels, executive boardrooms, banks or council chambers. They are easy to set up and are ready for use at short notice anytime and anywhere.

→ Language Interpretation & Translation System

The interpretation and translation equipment interpreter's microphones, headphones, transmitters, consoles and all related sound and audio components.
The language interpretation systems and equipment ranging from personal portable FM systems to large area installed multi-channel infrared systems. Infrared light technology is recommended for sensitive translation applications requiring confidentiality.
The wireless system designed for guided tours, assistive listening, interpretation application and can also be used as command system. When transmitting information, the spoken word is essential whether in a small or large group of people. The system very versatile and suitable for many applications. For transmitting , there is a handheld microphone,a belt pack transmitter with microphone or the stationary transmitter. The system features properties such as an optimum speech intelligibility and easy handling for a variety of applications. And also suitable for many applications.

→ Hearing Aid system

A hearing aid is an electroacoustic device which is designed to amplify sound for the wearer, usually with the aim of making speech more intelligible, and to correct impaired hearing as measured by audiometry. Hearing aids are considered medical devices and are regulated by the FDA. Ordinary small audio amplifiers or other plain sound reinforcing systems cannot be sold as "hearing aids".
In public building such as schools, mosques, churches, cinemas, theatrs or stadiums seating for those with impaired hearing are compulsory. With the Synexis system, the speech is acoustically boosted. Instead of a headphone, induction loops can also be used. Sit in any event and understand every world.

→ Professional Intercom system

Intercom Systems Communications for broadcast, coaching, and everything in between. We sell the best wired and wireless intercom systems in the world.
The intercom systems have been the industry standard “can’t fail” communications system. Our 2-channel on standard microphone cable technology offers users a distinct competitive advantage. With countless installations in Studio Broadcast, Remote Production, Board Rooms, Theaters, Arenas, Stadiums, Training Facilities and many venues, we have the time proven technology that professionals rely on to stay connected And also intercom systems, utilizing industry-leading balanced audio system structure and highly configurable and expandable modular designs, are utilized in virtually every kind of application and venue throughout the world.

→ Tour Guide System

Wherever you are, on the go with a group of people whom you want to pass on information and organisational processes, you should make sure that you are well heard. By using the tour guide system for example in guided tours through factories or museums each tour becomes an individual event thether the ambient noise is high or low. Multifunction operation allows simultaneous use for several groups.
The tour guide system ensures this optimal communication with your guests. The guided tour becomes an individual event for your visitors. With our tour guide system several groups can take part in guided tours separately and at the same time. Each visitor can adjust the volume individually. Visitors with hearing aids can use an induction loop to transmit the sound directly to the hearing aid.

→ Consumer Audio

Beyerdynamic headphones for the use with audiometers. It is used for aural-acoustic investigations and measurements. Due to the closed design of the headphone, ambient noise inefficiently attenuated. The efficient Tesla transducers ensure every good reproduction of the measured results. The right/left identification with coloured rings meets the standards.The comfortable, replaceable ear pads and the flexible headband ensure ultimate comfort and an absolutely secure fit. The single-sided, straight connecting cable comes with bare ends.
Beyerdynamic’s on-line software allows you the freedom to choose the technical specifications and look of these top of the range headphones. Customise your headphones with your choice of colour and finish. Options include two different colors of ear pads, variations of stunning leather headbands and matching cup rings, black or silver anodised fittings and much more. Select from three different impedance configurations to suit your equipment and select a straight or coiled cable. As you build your design you can see exactly what it looks like on screen, in real time rendering, from three different angles! You can also opt for personalised text engraved on the headband clips, such as your own name or that of your studio's. This would be perfect gift for the individual who has everything else!

→Commond System For Training

Common system for tarainign is one of the perfect companion whenever training content needs to be transmitted. Whether rowing , at dog training grounds , on road traffic practice areas or when instructing close to large, noisy mashines with Synexis the trainer’s instructions can be understood over long distsnces , allowing exercises to be performed correctly.

→ Recording , Production & Broadcast Studio

Sound recording and production is an electrical or mechanical inscription and re-creation of sound waves, such as spoken voice, singing, instrumental music, or sound effects. The two main classes of sound recording technology are analog recording and digital recording. Acoustic analog recording is achieved by a small microphone diaphragm that can detect changes in atmospheric pressure (acoustic sound waves) and record them as a graphic representation of the sound waves on a medium such as a phonograph (in which a stylus senses grooves on a record). In magnetic tape recording, the sound waves vibrate the microphone diaphragm and are converted into a varying electric current, which is then converted to a varying magnetic field by an electromagnet, which makes a representation of the sound as magnetized areas on a plastic tape with a magnetic coating on it.